The society was set up 50 years ago by our president, Stuart Neal, to encourage art interaction for adults of all ages and abilities in the Midhurst area.

Our many members actively enjoy painting and drawing, producing work in a range of styles and media. This is nowhere more apparent than at our summer exhibition, which everyone is encouraged to take an active part in.

Many members are also connected to other local art societies and we enjoy a cross pollination of ideas and shared resources.

We hold demonstration evenings most months of the year at which well-known local artists share their skills and knowledge.

With the exception of the summer and Christmas periods, interested members can also meet socially at a local Midhurst venue for a small fee of £2 to paint or draw and enjoy interaction and exchange of ideas with others.

We also hold a number of social events, such as an excursion to an exhibition or a meal.

Officers and committee 2019/20

At the annual general meeting (AGM) on 19 March 2019, Michael Snape stepped down as Chair. We thank him for his hard work and dedication over the past year. Ligia Randall (social events), Evie Arnott (demos) and Sarah Field (audits) also deserve a mention for their important contributions.

It was agreed that the committee for 2019/20 would be:

  • Michael Carter (Chairman)
  • Michael Snape (Vice Chairman)
  • David Pattenden (Treasurer)
  • Jean Wapshere (Secretary)
  • Joanna Finch (Enrolment Secretary)
  • Sue Little (Website/Facebook Coordinator)
  • Vacant (Social Secretary)
  • Victoria Guthrie (Demonstration/Workshop Organiser)

Presidents and Vice Presidents:

  • Stuart Neal (President)
  • John Robinson (Vice President)
  • Michael Carter (Vice President)

Honorary members:

  • Brian Stichbury